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Lots to do

I just spent a week in Brooklyn with Tracy, Barry, Clayton, Jenn, Mia and Ella. Spring was in full bloom there and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens were gorgeous. Now I’m back in Marblehead working on my lists! Putting one’s life on hold for 27 months isn’t easy, especially if you own a home, a car, and have deep roots in the community. By the way, I’m selling my lovely 1997 Saab 9-5 if anyone is interested–great condition. These next 6 weeks will go quickly. Fortunately, Tracy is coming up in May to help me make some final decisions on packing and to help get the house ready for my departure (a good friend will house-sit while I’m away).


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Mongolia, here I come!

Hello Friends,

My announcement has many friends scurrying for their atlases–or Google Maps. As most of you know, late last summer I applied to the Peace Corps and eventually was “nominated” or accepted subject to completing various medical and other requirements. My recruiter identified several programs I would qualify for and asked me to rank them. I put at the top of the list going to Eastern Europe in Business Development mid-July 2008. I was waiting for my official invitation which would identify the country itself when I had a call from Peace Corps in early April. Would I consider Central Asia, same job, leaving June 1? After talking it over with Tracy and Clayton, I said yes and then my official invitation was sent to me.  When I heard the Fed Ex man ring the bell, I rushed downstairs, grabbed the box, ripped it open, and there it was, right on top: “Mongolia!”  And so begins the tale.

I’ve set up this blog to keep a record of my adventures.  I’d like to bring you all with me but, barring that, you can check in at this blog anytime for my postings and, hopefully, see some pictures too.  There’s a place for your comments as well.  You can also sign up here if you would like to get an e-mail reminder when I enter a new post (see top right column).  I’m not sure how often this will be.  It depends on the availability of my access to the Internet, not always reliable in the far reaches of Asia.

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