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Home again, home again…jiggety jog.

My neighbors made me feel so welcome to be back

But a little more  “jiggety” than I would have liked.

I am now back in Marblehead.  Tracy came over to spend the last two weeks with me.  When she arrived we spent a few days in the countryside at a beautiful location not too far from Muron.  Went horseback riding two days.  Near the end of the first day my horse shied suddenly when a dead sheep appeared in front of him.  The horse made a 90-degree turn and I kept going straight.  No harm done but it appeared I had sprained my thumb.  Went riding the next day too then returned to Muron where we packed up.  I arranged a big farewell party for the last Saturday I was there and invited lots of friends.  Was very very special. Hard to say goodbye.

First meal at home: Lobster, what else...

The last day in Muron we had a grand opening at our new handicraft shop (ribbon-cutting, television cameras and all)  and then Tracy and I left for Ulaanbaatar where I wrapped up my PCV service.  Next we headed for Brooklyn to visit family for a few days. My thumb was still tender so I had it x-rayed in NYC and found out it was broken.  Had to have a cast put on. Stayed a little longer in Brooklyn so I could be waited on hand and foot. Well, not so much foot. So now I have had a cast on my arm for 5 weeks.  It is hard to type with one hand so I have not written very much. The cast will come off on Oct. 25 and then I can type better.  And then will write more about coming home.

Look, English again, I can read it!


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