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Marathon: Two definitions

 The dictionary defines a marathon first as “a long-distance running race”.  Like the Boston Marathon.  The second definition is: “a long-lasting or difficult task”. After the tragic bombing on April 15, it’s that definition we are engaged in.  Any real understanding of what happened and why will indeed take a long time and won’t be easy.

But there’s another long-lasting task underway.  This tragedy has also inspired people to respond with generosity, kindness, love, understanding, comfort, and patience to those in need.

Over the past week or so, three incidents have stood out to me:

 Falling down and getting up

A 78-year-old Washington state man running his third Boston Marathon was near the finish line when he was knocked down by one of two bomb blasts and caught in a news photograph that quickly went viral. A race official helped him to his feet and the man walked across the finish line.  Click here to see you YouTube video.


Running toward, not running away

After the two bombs went off within seconds of each other, cameras covering the event revealed many, many people running toward the site of the blasts, not just the police and other security people, but ordinary citizens, young and old. They set their own safety aside in order to come to the aid of those in need.  Bless them.


Google Person Finder, hundred of offers

Shortly after the bombing, I heard about the Google spreadsheet set up to enable anyone to post offers of lodging, food, clothes, transportation, and whatever else was needed for those affected.  It was impressive–hundreds of people offering help in a multitude of ways.  Direct contact information was included to make it easy to get help quickly.  And this was just the tip of the iceberg.

 At a time when the onslaught of news about tragedies happening around the world, both large and small, seems almost overwhelming, the generous public response to help those affected by the Boston bombings is indeed heartening.  I am grateful to be a witness to it.




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